Take Ten

Bullied Student? Know What to Do!

What is bullying?

Today, the word “bullying” means different things to different people. This is because bullying has changed over time. In order to better prevent bullying in today’s school settings, we must first understand the different types of bullying.

In general, bullying is a pattern of behavior intended to intimidate or manipulate others. Generally, three types of bullying are common among students at schools today:  physical, emotional, and cyberbullying affect almost all students to some degree.

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What can you do?

Many resources exist in our community to reduce bullying and violence. Click to access experts to speak to your school or organization, request materials to work with children you know, or adopt a program like Take Ten© in your school or organization.

Take Ten is a local research-based conflict resolution program that has been proven to reduce violence and bullying behavior.  Through a school-based curriculum, Take Ten focuses on teaching students the skills they need to be able to handle conflicts appropriately and make peaceful choices.

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School Tipline

South Bend students and parents can anonymously report school safety concerns or threats by text, phone or web. Please click to submit a report to your school.

The SBCSC School Board is committed to providing a safe, positive, productive and nurturing educational environment for all of its students. Please click here to read more about our policy on bullying.

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Remember, if a child is in immediate danger, please call 911.